Our physical infrastructure is all encompassing, offering a good work environment to our staff. We hire staff with commerce, Bookkeeping, tax and mathematics background. Our talent pool is made up of CPA, CA, CWA, MBA, CS, and MS Graduates from well known universities.

Our infrastructure is equiped with state of the art technology

  • All dual monitor Workstations
  • High bandwidth internet lines
  • UPS with backup generator ensuring redundancy during the event of power failures
  • Secured email servers
  • All internet traffic is monitored and appropriate filtering is enabled
  • Access control implemented
  • Completely paperless. No printer available to any employee

Non Disclosure Agreements

Additionally we encurage all clients to sign a mutual non disclosure agreement with us

We also take extreme care in hiring employees

  • Several rounds of interviews and careful scrutiny while recruiting
  • Background and referral checks
  • Employees are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before induction