Job Posting

Software Development Engineer: SDE 1

How to Apply

Please go through our website to understand our business. We are a very people oriented company with excellent career path with great work life balance and a great work culture to help you grow. 

BE/BSc/MCA: 2014/2015/2016 Freshers Can apply. 

Skill Set Required :

    • Candidate must have a strong understanding of OOPs, Data Structures, Data Base concepts.
    • Good analytical and problem solving skills


    • Round One: Solve problem Below
    • Round 2: Face to Face Interview
    • Round 3: HR round


Read Carefully

  • All solutions should be posted in a public repository on either gitlab/github/bitbucket. If you do not have an account, create one and add a repository.
  • Once you have to solution send us the link to your repository with your resume in PLAIN TEXT FORMAT ONLY. Attachments(doc,docx,pdf etc.) will not be accepted.
  • In the email also mention the approach that you took to solve this and how to run the program. Send it to with subject as SDE1: Resume and Problem Solution.
  • All applications without solving the problem below will be rejected. 

Problem Statement:

Below is a link to an image(Sample - Image.pdf) of a bill in pdf format, which is rotated/skewed. We would like you to programatically rotate/deskew the image to straighten it. See the link here for an example of what we need you to solve: before/after .
The final outcome, when given any input image you should output/return the straightened image. For example

java -jar your/program.jar image.pdf > output saved as straight.jpg in the current folder 


python your/ image.pdf > output saved as straight.jpg in the current folder

Hints and Considerations

Programming language: Java/Python
OS: any Unix/Linux variant
Packages you may require to solve it: image libraries like opencv/matlab/Imagemagick etc.(there are lot of image libraries).
You can write your own or utilize what is already available in any of these packages or elsewhere and make necessary changes to solve the problem.

  • We will give weightage to those who solve this using your understanding of OOPs concepts. Use of proper build tools like maven or gradle etc would also add weightage. 

Sample Image for this Problem


Cut off Date: 

The last date for submission is on 25th July. Candidates who are able to solve the problem successfully will be called and informed about the next round and dates.